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5 Tips To Beat Online Poker Cash Games – Simple & Effective

Playing poker is one of the most fun activities out there. We actually think it is one of the best games ever invented. Whether you are playing poker at home, at a land-based casino, or in an online poker room, the game always provides the necessary thrills and excitement. While playing poker with people in a brick-and-mortar casino can be a lot of fun, online poker offers many advantages. In this article, we will give you five tips to beat online poker cash games.

Why Play Online Poker?

Available 24 hours a day, the ability to win huge amounts of money and playing as many different poker games as you want. These are just a few aspects that make playing online poker so attractive, but we can go on and on.

If you play poker with friends or visit a brick-and-mortar casino to play a game of poker, you may be playing about 20 to 30 hands per hour. In online poker, you can play up to three times as many hands per hour and therefore gain more experience faster. Another advantage of playing online poker is playing several tables at the same time. This allows you to play more hands even faster!

And last but not least, there are hardly any waiting lines online. Since poker is still extremely popular, it can be challenging to get a seat at a cash game in a brick-and-mortar casino. You will not find this problem online where there are plenty of cash tables available with various limits.  Since you now know the advantages of playing online poker, it is time to give you some tips on how to beat online poker cash games.

Tip 1. Think In Terms of Card Ranges, Not Poker Hands

One of the easiest ways to spot beginning poker players is the way they think about what their opponent has. Beginning poker players always try to put someone on one specific poker hand whereas advanced poker players think in ranges of poker hands.

Good poker players understand that a certain player at the table can have an entire range of hands. Good players do not focus on one single hand but try to figure out in which situations players play their strongest and their weakest hands.

Mediocre poker players try to put their opponent on exactly one hand because “their gut feeling indicates that”. If there is one thing you should know when trying to master the game of poker, it is that basing your cash gameplay on your “gut” is not good at all.


Tip 2. Use a Consistent Strategy

Another important step in becoming a great online poker cash game player is to consistently employ a winning cash game strategy. It is not good to suddenly turn yourself into a calling station just because you’re bored or tilted.

Your online poker strategy will only be profitable if you always apply it at the poker tables. Simply, you need to think that every hand and every session counts. The best poker players in the world apply this winning strategy over and over again, no matter how they feel or whatever their recent results are.

Tip 3. Manage Y
our Bankroll

Especially when playing cash games, good bankroll management is a must. You can only be profitable in the long term when you are managing your bankroll with discipline. You may be so talented with playing the poker game itself and have just the right mindset, bad beats will always happen!

So how does bankroll management work when it comes to playing online poker cash games? You will need to make sure you can absorb losses easily. The rule of thumb is to have at least 1000 times the big blind in cash in your digital back pocket. So, if you are planning to sit at a $1- $2 no-limit cash game table, make sure you have at least $2000 cash at hand.

Remember that you can only play your best game of poker when you do not have to think about losing money.

Tip 4. Know Your Opponents

Since cash games can go on indefinitely, you do not need to be in a rush to build up a big stack of chips. Due to the unlimited rebuy possibilities, almost everyone at the table will be playing with a large stack of chips. This makes it harder to bluff, steal blinds, or bully other players.

That is why knowing your opponents will benefit you tremendously in a cash poker game. After several hands you should know who the cautious players are, who the fierce players are and who always calls.  Many players play with certain betting patterns that make it easier for you to guess what their hand is. This is crucial information that you should use to determine when, and what you are going to bet.


Tip 5. Play Tight But Aggressive

In almost every poker book, you will read that the most profitable way to play poker is to play tight but aggressively. Especially when playing cash games, the tight-aggressive gameplay is the most profitable in the long term.

This way of playing requires discipline and patience but you will be highly rewarded when doing it right. The purpose of playing tight-aggressive in the pre-flop game is to get rid of the limpers. Let them pay heavily to see the flop when you have pocket queens or higher in front of you. Post flop, you should continue betting aggressively but always know your opponents. This will help you make the right decisions and win the big pots you have invested in.


Where to Play Online Poker – “Ignition Poker”

There are many online poker rooms where you can try out our 5 tips. However, we recommend playing at Ignition Poker. it’s the largest poker room in the US and hence you will always be able to find a game at any time of the day.

The welcome bonus is quite interesting as well. You will get 30 days to wager the $1000 bonus while playing poker. You can grab that bonus by clicking here. In addition, the anonymous tables, the software being available for both MAC and Windows and the fact that you can play 20 tables at once makes Ignition Poker the perfect choice to play an online poker cash game.

Final Thoughts

The high speed, 24/7 availability, and playing multiple tables at the same time make online poker still popular amongst many poker players. With our 5 tips, we know for sure that you can beat more cash games online. Just remember to stick to your own game and do not let money determine your strategy!

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