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How To Play Small Pocket Pairs In Early Position

Learning how to play small pocket pairs in early position is crucial for winning in cash games. However, many players are still unsure of how to navigate these type of hands successfully. This article has been prepared for your reading pleasure to give you a better understanding of what you’re getting into and how to win consistently playing small pocket pairs.

Why Play Online Poker?

Now, you might already be aware that the main reason why players choose online poker is because of the easy access. Be that as it may, it goes much deeper than that. There are some of the reasons why you should consider playing online poker.

The Cost of Loss Is Lower

Unless you’re a seasoned professional, your first poker experience is not guaranteed to be all rosy. This means that you’re in for some losses on your way to mastery. This is why online poker is a safe bet for learners as it offers a chance to get better without the hefty money losses. You can also enter into freerolls where you can win some money.

Game Variety

When playing live poker, the recurring issue is that the poker games available are often dictated by the schedule in place. In addition, most games available are often cash games. The solution in this regard can be found in online poker where there are multiple tournaments and cash games which can run simultaneously.

Benefits To Playing Small Pocket Pairs In Cash Games

For those who don’t know yet, pairs rank among the best pocket cards to play in the poker game, Texas Hold’em. In this regard, the small pocket pairs can be played in either tournaments or cash games. In the case of the latter, there are benefits to be gained which include the following.

1.The pace of the poker game is often dictated by the first hand you play. With this in mind, the small pocket pairs will give you a good feel of how the game is going to progress without you rushing into mistakes that will cost you the pot. Additionally, you can get in cheap and end up winning the pot.

2. Granted, there may not be much that you can do with small pocket pairs in a cash game. This is because they are the lowest hand you can play in comparison to other pocket pairs. However, they can still be useful as you can disrupt your opponent’s game with a well-timed raise or a pre-flop in a late position.

Raising With Small Pocket Pairs

In the context of small pocket pairs, the numbers range from 22 through to 88. In such situations, you may be inclined to see the flop. However, you can make an attempt to raise certain hands such as 66 and 55, and experience a certain level of success. However, you should not get too optimistic by attempting to raise any hands lower than that as it could cripple your game.

In the event that you constantly raise from the earliest position in the case of a 9 handed table, there’s an increased chance of you facing a 3-way bet in most cases.

Limping With Small Pocket Pairs

When talking about limping, you can either have open limping, i.e. be the first player to enter a pot by limping in before the flop. There is also limping behind/over limping where you limp after a player who has already done so before the flop. Limping in small pairs depends on certain factors such as the size of the stack, the play style of your opponent etc. These will determine if you have to fold the pair or raise so the pot can be considerably built-up.

For over limping, your ideal situation would be to limp early behind two other players who have already limped. However, this should only be done if your stack is considerably deep.

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When You Should Fold a Small Pocket Pair?

As earlier stated, small pocket pairs may be your starting hand and there isn’t much you can do with them. As a result of this, we recommend that you let go of them while in the early position. In terms of play, you can fold certain hands like 5-5 and 2-2 to any LP raise.

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Final Thoughts

If you were looking for a better way to play small pocket pairs in early position we hope this helps you out. When playing with small pocket pairs, it’s all about the strategy as you can either dump them in the early position or raise them for a better advantage.Online Poker is an amazing way to experience gaming at a whole new level without the hassles of live play. If you would like to hit the virtual felt right now click here.


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