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How To Play King Queen In Online Poker Cash Games

King Queen is a great starting hand and learning how to play it properly can help improve your poker game. K-Q should not be overvalued but can lead you to victory in a lot of situations. Newer players struggle with this hand more often and play too aggressively with it.

Suited K-Q is one of the better hands but falls short compared to premium starting hands like aces, and high pairings like 10-10 or K-K. Learning how to play this hand properly can improve your poker skills and chances of winning. Playing K-Q in preflop and post-flop to its advantage can help your chances of in the end game drastically improve.  It is a strong starting hand but has various weaknesses to look out for. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to play King Queen in poker and what you should know when dealt these cards.

Probability of Getting Dealt King Queen

Playing poker regularly you go through many hands, and the K-Q is a common starting position people find themselves in. What are the chances you will be dealt King-Queen? There are 52 cards in a deck with 1,326 pairs possible in Texas Holdem. 16 of those pairs will be a K-Q variant, and 4 out of 12 will be suited.

The probability of getting K-Q will vary depending on the number and type of cards that have been dealt already before you. Pre-flop you have a 16/1,326 chance of being dealt K-Q or 8/663. That will give you a 1.2% chance of getting that hand and a suited pair will be even rarer.

It may seem rare but compared to a pair of aces, which have a 0.45% of being dealt, having this pair on the board can happen often. Learning how to play when you get this hand will up your poker skills.

How To Play It Preflop

Playing K-Q preflop can be difficult since you will have most of your confidence in the end game. If the pot is raised it could be risky to continue to play, as you could be fighting from a losing position.

More experienced players will try to raise early if they have a premium hand, which usually includes an ace. Ace hands will beat K-Q most times and should make you fold if you think a player may have one.

If after preflop no other players have raised then it is safe to continue and assume you have a strong hand when compared with others. With K-Q suited it can be played aggressively. In games with 5 or more people, you can expect to have one of the best hands if other players are being more passive. In preflop knowing when to fold is the most important with this hand.

How To Play It Postflop

Post flop is one of the most important moments for K-Q as it can decide if it’s worth staying in for the long run. Royal flush, straights, and three of a kind are what to look out for. Playing aggressively after the flop can isolate players. If no one is raising then raising will put pressure on weaker cards.

If there is an early raise then re-raising is also helpful but folding is also an option to play it safe. K-Q suited is safer to play aggressively than non-suited K-Q. Folding is best when multiple players are being aggressive and post-flop is not looking promising.

How To Play It On The Turn & River

In the end, the game, if other players have been passive then getting an early raise, is sometimes effective. Calling is the best option, and if a good player raises then it could be better to fold. If an ace ever gets put on the board it may be better to fold.

A strong ace hand can usually beat K-Q and will make other players willing to raise more. If you have one of the best winning hands like royal flush, then play aggressively till the end.

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Final Thoughts

Playing King-Queen in poker can be challenging but it is a strong hand if played properly. Knowing when to be aggressive or play more cautiously is essential in winning with this hand in the late game K-Q.

After the flop, you can decide if it’s worth taking your hand into the end game. This hand is promising but should be folded early if your opponents may have something better and are playing aggressively.

K-Q is a strong hand but can be beaten by aces and high pairs. Playing K-Q well can take your poker game to the next level and give you more opportunities to win. Next time you get this hand, maybe you’ll be able to use some of the tips we’ve provided. And of course good luck at the tables!

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