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Should You Go All In With Pocket Aces? – 4 Different 500NL Scenarios

So, should you always go all in with pocket aces? Well, it be nice if your opponent’s insta called you preflop every time you shoved but that usually doesn’t happen. There are some different ways you can play pocket aces to get max value. We will be going over 4 different scenarios of how to play pocket aces effectively. Let’s break them down.

Shove All in On Flop No Matter What Cards Are

So, let’s say you’ve 3 bet preflop and gotten 1 or 2 callers. Since its pocket aces maybe you don’t even care about the flop, and you’re okay just shoving immediately. This does work sometimes especially if it’s a board like JK8 and your opponent has top pair. Other times it can completely backfire, and you could be up against two pair or even worse a set. However, this is still one of the ways to play this hand.

Slow Playing Pocket Aces

Let’s say you want to get a little sneaky and just flat call a raise preflop with pocket aces. Well sometimes this can work extremely well. Other times it can bite you in the butt. In this scenario slow playing worked out extremely well and we ended up getting quads. Just remember this type of play works maybe half the time at best. So don’t play aces this way all the time.

Playing Aggressively on Each Street

The next way to play pocket aces is just being aggressive on each street. If your opponent has two pair or something along those lines, it’s going to be hard for him to fold. Betting on each street makes sense in this type of situation. It can also make your opponent think your bluffing at times as well.

All In Preflop

Okay the final way to play pocket aces and probably my favorite is the all-in shove preflop. I mean this is the best-case scenario, but it can be hard to get called. Your opponent needs to be holding pocket kings, pocket queens, or ak typically to get called. However, when it happens it’s a beautiful thing. And everyone loves a nice quick and easy double up.

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Final Thoughts

So, should you go all in with pocket aces? Well, you can see every situation with aces is going to play out differently. It’s usually never an all-in shove unless its preflop. It can also make sense to adjust your play if you have a feel for how the players at the table are playing. It’s all about putting people on ranges. We hope you enjoyed this one. Click here for some more poker strategy.

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