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Top 5 Online Poker Tips for Beginners 2022

We will be going over 5 online poker tips for beginners or anyone who plays all the time and can’t seem to win consistently. Poker is a competitive game and even the smallest edges can give you an advantage. I truly believe if you apply each one of these tips you will see a massive improvement in your win rate. So, let’s break each one of these tips down.

Tip 1. 3 Bet More Preflop

Okay let’s start with tip number 1 which is to start 3 betting more preflop. Now I’m not talking about 3 betting when you have pocket aces, kings, or ak. I mean 3 betting with just okay hands like aj, aq or even suited connecting cards like 910. The reason for doing this especially in late position is that it can help you steal blinds preflop if everyone folds or put you in a position to build a pot and do a bluff take down on the flop.

Tip 2. Bluffing Is a Must

This brings me into my next tip which is you must be bluffing sometimes to win long term. See the thing is even if you watch some of the poker players in the world they don’t just wait for good hands. They mix up there play and bluff in the right spots and situations. Playing ABC poker might work for you when you just start playing, but eventually you must open your game.

Tip 3. It’s Okay To Fold

The third tip is that its okay to fold even if you feel like you’ve put too much in the pot. Sometimes when you just laydown a hand instead of trying to bluff someone who simply can’t be bluffed or probably isn’t going to fold its going to save you a lot of money in the long run. And that’s the thing about online poker its not just a one-day thing it’s a 10 plus year thing. And it’s okay to realize your probably beat in certain situations. Live to fight another day.

Tip 4. Coinflip Situations Are Going To Happen

Tip 4 is that sometimes its going to be a coinflip situation and you’re going to have to get comfortable knowing that you will win some and lose some. What I mean is that you’re going to go all in preflop with either the best or worst of it and that’s okay. Sometimes you might have pocket kings vs aces and this happens more than you think. Don’t let it effect your play. Just know its part of the game.

Tip 5. Your Not Always Going To Win

The final tip is that you’re not always going to win. I mean this is poker guys some days you’re going to win some days you’re going to lose with the best of it. The whole goal is to keep building day in and day out until you get a big enough bankroll to play any stake you want and eventually get yourself some nice cash outs.

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Final Thoughts

Online poker is always evolving. The best thing you can do is continue to learn and apply new strategies in each session you enter. You’re not always going to win, but remember the goal is to play just a little bit better than you did in the previous session. That’s what a winner is.

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